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We are a business and investment company for private and institutional investors in numerous and differentiated sectors.

We are a business and investment company for private and institutional investors in numerous and differentiated sectors.


Originally established in 1987, Diverstock Investments has grown into an independent business and investment manager dedicated to accelerate direct and indirect investments into real-estate, energy, gaming and infrastructure assets and solutions worldwide.

To date, the company has built a solid track-record of creating and backing businesses that have developed into category-defining market leading players. Diverstock Investments partners with exceptional entrepreneurs to help build enduring companies and is your partner in growth.

For more than three decades we have partnered with founders to build companies that made history. Today, Diverstock Investments continues that legacy, investing in solutions that span industries and continents, partnering with founders to maximize the potential of their idea and make history.


Diverstock Investments has a clear vision: to seize opportunities in the market through a specialized and consistent focus on investing in high-growth companies that impact consumers’ and businesses’ everyday lives and operations.

With every investment, our approach is personal and tied to our core values: we expect excellence, and we win, as a team.

We operate in a culture of transparency, teamwork and trust to fulfill our company vision of partnering with companies that make history. We know how each individual role plays a part in the success of Diverstock Investments and everyone’s work matters.

An investment strategy built around growth and driven by scale.

We are a flexible partner to leading companies at all stages. Whether through our Evolve Fund or Impact Fund, we make equity investments across various capital structures. We take a medium and long-term perspective, committing, time, internal resources experience, and capital to support and partner with our companies on their journeys to achieve market leadership.


We partner with and invest in companies that build solutions across multiple sectors. Our current portfolio includes gaming technology and services, energy transition solutions, cleantech, urban and industrial development, asset management, cross-vertical digital transformation and circular economy.

We focus on partnering with operationally strategic companies with or without a proven track-record. We put great emphasis on ensuring strong alignment with our partners and a clear split of risks and responsibilities.

Much of our portfolio is headquartered across Europe but we also partner and invest in broader global markets.